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tel:+86 571 87218800   email:info@www.renrenbw.com

Company Profile

Company Profile

Zhejiang Welbon Pulp & Paper Group Corp. is a leading company of pulp trading and specialty paper manufacturing with a good reputation in China, founded in August 1994. The subsidiaries are: Winbon Schoeller New Materials Co. Ltd., Winbon Technocell New Materials Co. Ltd., Anhui Winbon Schoeller New Materials Co. Ltd., and Welbon Special Materials Co. Ltd.,

The pulp supplied by Welbon is mainly imported from Canada, America, Brazil, Chile, Russia, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and ect. In addition, Welbon is also a major sales agent for several Chinese pulp brands. The pulp grades include softwood pulp, hardwood pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp, and reed pulp. The sales network of Welbon is all over China with sales representatives in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Hebei and Anhui province. Welbon has built a long-term partnership with hundreds of customers. 

Welbon has prompted the strategy of “ both trading and manufacture”since 2002. The specialty paper manufactures are focusing on the research and development of specialty paper. There are various grades of specialty paper with different applications with an outstanding quality in different areas. 

In the 27-years development, Welbon treasures its credit as the life of the company. With philosophy of determination and innovation, Welbon is getting stronger with well-known brands “Welbon” and “Winbon”.

Now Welbon in its prime is advancing forward with passion and confidence. 

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